(Just Like) Starting Over


Today I’m taking the first step to try and write on my blog again.

On one level it’s a bit embarrassing. I had been doing fairly ok about trying to post regularly. However I skipped a week, one week became two and next thing I knew almost three months had gone by.

The funny thing was as bad as I felt about not writing or posting anything, I was scared to come back too. I envisioned this page being littered with the internet’s version of cobwebs. Chastisements of my laziness, inability to write, etc. from some phantom critic/authority figure. Perhaps this page wouldn’t even be here but would have instead been deleted to make room for others who had been far more productive.

However, the only thing worse then not writing would be continuing not to write. Thus here I am again. I’ve written before about creative U-turns and facing mistakes and/or failure and I suppose I need to take that advice (though fun fact dear reader, I often have a hard time taking my own advice).

Today is a step, one simple step, that will hopefully bring me to a long journey. However I need your help on this path. For those of you that are readers of this blog I want to know what kind of things you’d like to see. Would you like articles on certain topics, recordings/videos, interviews, advice columns? Whatever ideas you have I’d love to experiment with them so that we can create a forum for artists and related topics.

Here’s to the first step


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