Starting Up and Starting Over


As they say in The Sound of Music “Let’s start at the very beginning.”
My goal for this blog is to talk about the arts and related topics. This is actually not my first blog. I tried to start one before with similar themes. I actually completed two posts on it. However, I ended up moving to another city, life got busy and it’s probably deleted or buried in a blog graveyard somewhere.
So why am I writing again? The simplest answer is because I care about the arts. I’m a musician/writer and I come from a family of artists. Music, film/theatre, writing, etc. have been a huge part of my life since day one. I want to write about these subjects that I love so that others can see their importance as well.
I also hope to use this blog to improve my skills as a writer and musician through researching and writing on my own experiences and other topics of importance. I’m by no means a finished person but I do know the only way to get better at something you love is to practice and do it as often as you can.
I hope that I can provide something of value with this blog to you whether it’s knowledge, inspiration, or even just something interesting to read when you have nothing else to do. Here’s to new beginnings and trying again.


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